Friday, July 13, 2007

When It's Hot . . .

Go Swimming!!

We took the marble lady down from the fountain and put a real live baby inside it instead! Isn't she adorable?! Meadow had a ton of fun playing in this little bit of water. I guess we need to invest in a real kids' pool.

Monkey See - - -

Monkey Do!! She is so smart! Grampa did it one time and quick as a wink, she copied him. Our grand-daughters always make us smile!


  1. She is tooo cute!!

  2. LOL!!! I was thinking we should have done that with Helayna when we were there! That's so cute! Glad Meadow enjoyed it!

  3. Great way to cool her off and for Grandma and Grandpa to enjoy watching her. She's adorable!

  4. That is adorable! Looks like she had fun too!

  5. Too cute! I love it. Meadow is so adventurous and willing to try anything, even Grandpa. I can't wait to come and play.