Monday, July 09, 2007


on Heather!! I posted for her birthday last week but had to come to the other computer to find pictures from when she was little. So many memories for all of us in these pictures!!

Big sister, Heather!

Sitting with her cousin Tyneille - 1979
Do you think she resembles Helayna? Maybe just a little?!!

A play wedding - Heather was the groom, Naomi was the bride and Melinda was the minister!

"We are the champions!" pose - I think this was the summer after the Olympics were in Calgary

Bryce Canyon, Utah - October, 1991

Wedding day, June, 1999

Our 3 beautiful daughters

Mel's grad, Wolfville, NS, 2002
You've probably noticed that it's nearly always group pictures - the joy of having siblings, I guess.

At Naomi's wedding

New car time!

It's a showery day here so instead of being in the field I'm baking Sunflower Oat Bread, Upside Down Rhubarb Cake and Oatmeal Cookies! It's smelling pretty good!!


  1. Great memories of growing up. You must be amazed watching us grow from little babes to adults having kids. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile to my face today.

  2. What great photos of Heather! How great to see a glimpse into her life.

  3. .Awwww, thanks! Wow, Helayna does look quite a bit like me in some of those photos! I was just saying to Jonathan last night that I thinkHelayna looks so much like him, not me - well, these photos show differently!

  4. esther4:02 PM

    Helayna and Heather - wow - do they ever look alike. You do have beautiful daughters - inside and out.

  5. The "Olympics" photo is classic! Remember Esso had the commemorative glasses, my in laws still have a set!