Monday, July 23, 2007

Views from Our Weekend

We quadded in the Grande Cache area, north of Jasper and south of Grande Prairie this weekend. We got up onto ridges that had so many amazing views!! No matter which way you turned there was another beautiful scene and you could see for miles.

Wildflowers, in every color, lined the quad track. As we climbed higher the flowers got smaller but they were still abundant in so many beautiful colors.

Little pools and streams of cool water tucked in among the trees and along the trails.

Darrin's friend, Bryce, who added lots of fun and energy to our weekend. He and Darrin became friends at university and they are constantly teasing and challenging each other. Just like brothers!

This really was a time for us to enjoy quiet and solitude with some of the special people in our lives. Just exactly what summer vacations should be!


  1. Wow... how beautiful it is! Thanks for taking photos to share with us!

  2. Great spot for sightseeing and getting a little dirty. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. :)

  3. Beautiful Canada. My husband & I so enjoyed our travels there.

  4. It looks beautiful there! I'm so glad you had some time to enjoy the area!

  5. oh wow! Looks like a wonderful time!!! Isn't God's handiwork amazing!!!!

  6. Great pictures! I love the one of the stream...
    Glad you had a wonderful getaway and are enjoying summer..

  7. Hi Crystal, I found these pics on your blog while I was searching for info on the Grande Cache mines. Thank you for sharing these pretty photos! I used to think all mining especially open pit coal mining was bad and all ugly. But I'm realizing that us humans and our works are a part of Nature. Your pictures here have helped me a bit to realize that.

    Us humans and our activities are just as good a part of Nature as beavers and their dams or termites and their mounds. We're just acting on a bigger scale and we're going through a certain overshoot phase, I think.

    In your pictures I see people recognizing the beauty that is there even in those coal pits. I also see the wildlife like them too after they've been reclaimed. The coal company might have re-dug part of the reclaimed areas but they're going to revegetate them which is great. So thanks again for sharing!