Sunday, July 08, 2007


Scenes from nature taken out of the tractor window yesterday.
May your Sunday be restful and thankful!


  1. Love the picture of the field, all the rows, green rye and the lake in the background. I've always liked going to this field and just looking out over the lake and fields from on top of the hills. Missing the Alberta sky, too.

  2. What a glorious little piece of Heaven you have in your front/back yard!

    Perfect place for an angel! Miss you {hugs}

  3. You know I probably drove past your place on Tuesday when I went to check out the new scrapbooking store at the Village.
    Thanks Melinda for pointing out the lake in the back, I would have never noticed.
    BTW, Cordell took the photo of the sunset on my blog. He is quite the photographer!

  4. and YES! I would love to stop by and you guys can explain how you can plant something (in Canada) in August then harvest it in July the next year?

  5. Such beautiful photos!

  6. esther4:30 PM

    Hey - this is the first time in well over a month that I've had time and the internet connection to read your blog. I had a lot of catching up to do. You have some great photos and a wonderful way with words. Thanks for sharing your life with me in this way.