Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Melinda and Tyler!

It's Mel and Tyler's 3rd anniversary today! We want to send them our love and best wishes for many more shared adventures and joy as they grow in love and service. They are packing suitcases again and departing from Poland tomorrow morning, bound for Nova Scotia. Their summer will be spent with Tyler's family and their friends in the East as Tyler does a job shadowing assignment for medical school. Melinda's coming home in 2 weeks to visit us for a little bit.

One of my favourite pictures from their wedding day - taken beside the ocean in Nova Scotia

I was going to share another more recent picture but blogger has other ideas - maybe tomorrow!


  1. Happy day to them! We talked to them yesterday and wished them a happy anniversary! I think that's my favorite photo of them too!

  2. Happy Anniversary to them! It sounds like they have an interesting life!
    Love that photo!

  3. Thanks, Mom! We have so many great memories from our wedding day, including the photos by the water. We watched our wedding DVD the other day just to reminisce and laugh... and cry. Tyler still gets all teared up at parts. :) Thanks for sharing in our special day and for your love and support as we continue to built our marriage on Christ's firm foundation.