Thursday, July 19, 2007

Alphabet Soup

Today's thoughts of gratitude are brought to you by the letter "B".

1. my husband, Bob - the man who makes me smile, laugh, think, try harder, attempt the unknown, and who sometimes tries my patience! I can't imagine going through these days without him and I look forward to many shared adventures, quiet talks and debates in the years ahead.

2. books, books, books - for me, for kids, for gifts, for escape - I am blessed to be in a place where the printed word and text are so easy to find and enjoy.

3. beverages - milk, water, chai latte, juices, iced tea, salted Caesars, wine - so many choices for so many occasions.

4. blogs - and so many newfound friends around the world who challenge my thinking, encourage my writing, support me and share their lives and passions via weblogs. I am blessed to have developed marvelous contacts and friends!

5. babies - Thank you, God, for little ones sent to fill our lives with joy and love. Their smiles, their development and their innocence make me slow down and savour each moment. I am reminded that Jesus told us to become like these little ones - how amazing to see the world as they do!

Thanks again for the topic, Morning Glory! Go on over and see how similar our lists are - I think we are 'blog sisters'!!


  1. Enjoyed your list of "b's"

  2. I told MG the same thing! Our lists are (or would be had I done one) the same!
    Blogging does help us connect in so many delightful ways, doesn't it?

  3. I got the movie "The Secret" which is all about being grateful, focusing on the positive, and making things happen for yourself. There is a blog that has this as a theme for scrapping, so I think I might have to combine the two!

  4. You're right -- similar "B's" and kindred spirits. I love it!

  5. I am still trying to catch up... I have not even done the As yet. Groan. We are now on summer holiday, as of 1pm today. It is over. Sad, but right. I think.