Monday, July 02, 2007

Let's Get Real Monday

This time "Let's Get Real Monday", hosted by Randi, asks us to post about a favourite artist. I chose Georgia Graham who paints wonderful flowing shapes with incredible colors. She is best known for her closeups of flowers. It was fun to look up some info about her (she died when she was 98 years old!) - something I don't normally consider doing or posting about. Thanks for the challenge, Randi!

"Oriental Poppies" - one of her most famous pieces

"Leaves of a Plant"

"Purple Petunia"


  1. She really captured the amazing beauty of flowers, didn't she? I just can't help but feel happy when I look these works.

  2. ahh, her red poppies is one of my favorites, too - the color just grabs you!!

  3. Oh I love paintings of flowers. How beautiful.

  4. Those are great! Her love for flowers shows in her work.

  5. She is an amazing artist! I would love to see some of her work up close!

    The post above about your daughter is so sweet and touching. What a blessing you are as a mother!

  6. ooooh! I love her work too! Thanks for sharing!
    Na and Jer have the poppy one in their place, right?! It looks so awesome framed!