Thursday, July 12, 2007

More About Farming

Here's a little glimpse of what it looks like in the field when our silage making grinds to a halt. Actually it usually happens in a split second when a bearing seizes up, a belt breaks, a gear is stripped or a shaft is bent.

Up close and personal with bearings, gears and chains. This one didn't take too long to fix (after Bob spent 2.5 hours finding and getting parts) but it led to a more major catastrophe before the situation got better. However - today was a pretty good day with machinery but it was blistering hot for people. It's supposed to be +32 again tomorrow so we're hoping to get a very early start while it's still cool.

The best thing about yesterday was that Naomi and Meadow brought us supper! That was a big treat and we got to play for a little while too. Meadow had her first tractor ride in the field too.

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  1. Oh the joys of farming sometimes. I always feared the breakdown and something going wrong. It's just such a pain. I'm glad it's finished though and one less stress to deal with. Nice little treat to have supper with Na & Meadow and share 'supper in the field' with Meadow for the first time. Lots of memories of that.