Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Weekend Continued

The weekend provided so many pictures that I want to share a few more with you today. This post features the people who made the adventuring fun!

Our group on the trail, early Friday morning.

My sister, Esther and her husband, Larry - event coordinators extraordinaire! Thanks to them we have all the camping equipment, food and know-how to survive in a grassy meadow for 3 days!

Darrin and Kelsey, on top of the coal mine

Our friends, Audrey and Aime', who were kind enough to share their camper with us. Up some of the steep slopes, Audrey rode 'shotgun' on the front, after one of their quads experienced mechanical difficulty and spent the rest of the time watching the fun from the trailer (to use Aime's words!).

The 3 Amigos from Calgary!

Ed, our nephew, usually is the leader of the pack. With his daring and experience, he's able to get us into many interesting situations but he's always able to get us out of trouble too! I love the way his tire tracks lead right into the water here.

We ended our weekend with a few hours in the Athabasca Sand Dunes along Brule' Lake, just outside of Jasper National Park. I'll show you more of those pictures tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like it was an amazing trip!

  2. Looks like you guys made a tons of great memoroes!
    I am applying to a course and was curious if you felt liek you knew me well enough to be a character reference? If not, that's fine, I was just hoping for someone who is well spoken as you would have to fill out a questionaire type from? Let me know...

  3. The travel is fun and doing all the exploring opens your eyes, but it's really the people that you're with that make the trip. I'm glad you went, did something you love to do and with people you enjoy. Great photos. I wonder how many LO will be created from this trip.

  4. Just amazing pictures you took and what fun you must have had.

    Totally agree, it's the people your with that make the trip.