Friday, May 19, 2006

Thursdays from School

I've decided that I will take Thursdays each week to share about my job and teaching. That way it won't consume my blogs and I'll have really good stuff to tell you!

This week my grade 3 students wrote round one, math basic facts and story writing, of the provincial achievement tests. They have worked really hard and made lots of progress this year so I am pretty proud of them. Of course, just like adults, some of them did awesome and some of them didn't quite meet my expectations. The best part? Reading some interesting and original stories about a huge golden egg - and the fact that we are finished until the next round in June!! Don't they look serious and industrious in this picture? I love their efforts! They really are great kids.

We moved into a brand new building in September and of course the outside work isn't all done yet. For example, we go across the street to play on the highschool grounds. The street has been closed for the last 2 weeks and yesterday they started paving it!! This is a huge improvement and hopefully they will be finished by the time we return from the long weekend. Now if we could get the landscaping done and the playground installed!

Only 30 more days of school, I think! Man, the year goes by quickly - which is a good thing, I guess!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the school. I haven't even seen pictures of the building. It's awesome. You'll have to take me in over the summer. I'm glad to hear tests went alright, and you have a bit of a break. It's a tiring time for you and kids. Thanks for sharing.
    Love and miss you,

  2. I hope the paving is done for you in the morning! Your new classroom looks great - nice and big and new! Can't wait to hear more about your job!