Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It really is spring! There are flowers blooming everywhere which makes this a beautiful time of year. Jerry trimmed our apple trees on the weekend and they are FULL of beautiful blossoms this weekend. I took this picture after 9 p.m. - I love the beautiful blue sky in the background!

My sunny yellow buttercups (really marsh marigolds, I guess!) are still going strong after 4 days in the house. Usually they fade fast but Bob brought water from the marsh with them which they love. The +30 degree temperatures we had today will sap them I'm afraid.

And the lilacs are full of buds that are just starting to open. They smell gorgeous, especially when you are outside in the dark. I love the dark of this picture - I turned the flash off. I bought a National Geographic magazine "Digital Pictures" so I'm experimenting with my camera. I think I'm getting to be a better photographer. It only too 48 shots to get these 3 which are the best of the bunch!!

Hope the flowers are blooming and it's a beautiful day wherever YOU are!!


  1. Beautiful pictures and flowers. I can smell those lilacs, and how fragrant they are. It reminds me of going to the barn in the evening and passing by the bush. It was always one of my favourite smells on the farm.
    Thanks for sharing some memories from home.
    Go Oilers! We heard about the big win. Wow, only 14 years for them to get to the Western Conference finals. We're pumped.

  2. Wow, beautiful photos! I have to check out that National Geographic book when I'm at your place! I was just thinking this morning how I absolutely LOVE this time of year because of all the flowers and blossoms! I can't wait to smell some lilacs - they always remind me that our anniversary is near!
    Keep up the great photography work!