Friday, May 26, 2006

Real Live Science - Thursdays at School

It's been an exciting week for the grade 3's!! The 12 chicken eggs and 2 bantam eggs we set in the incubator on May 3rd were supposed to hatch this week. And we were a little bit successful! Tuesday morning there was 1 fluffy yellow chick waiting for us. During the day we watched another egg go from a tiny crack to a hole where we could see feathers moving. But it wasn't until the kids were long gone, when finally at 4:30 , the 2nd egg hatched. Another egg seemed to have cheeping sounds coming from it today and by the end of the day a crack was appearing in it. Hopefully we'll have a 3rd friend tomorrow morning. I was going to send them to a good farm tomorrow but everyone's enjoying them so much that I may need to bring them home for the weekend and take them back to school on Monday. I'd like the kids to see them grow and start to develop a bit more. But it's a hassle to haul everyone and everything home and then back again on Monday. Have to consider that a bit more before the end of the day tomorrow. It's so amazing to watch their excitement as they get to hold the baby chicks - town kids miss the cycle of life that happens on a farm.

A major project that our staffl has been working on this year is to develop a mission statement, vision and goals. We've done alot of soul searching, stepping outside of the box and imagining 'what if' with the guidance of a facilitator. Today we tried to put some things down in a concrete way. It's been challenging but also affirming and positive to plan in this way.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Spelling test, reader's theatre, calculating area, classifying animals, badminton and art are on the agenda. All is well in grade 3 but there's only 1 month left in our year!!

And I just have to say how awesome it is to work in our building. This picture shows the main entrance with the afternoon sun shining in through the windows. (Love those shadows and angles!)


  1. Crystal so neat to find your blog!! How much fun that sounds with the hatching of the chicks! My dd would be right in there! :) THat photo is simply stunning! I hope to see it featured on a layout very soon! You have a fantastic eye for photography!!

  2. How does a night owl like you find the energy to keep up with all those 3rd graders? Are you one of those lucky people who can run on a few hours of sleep? Sadly, I am not...
    Great pic of the school.

  3. Okay, you need to come to BC and teach my Ethan!! How cool of a teacher are you with the chicks and all!!

  4. I seriously need to get over there and check out the new school! It looks so awesome - love the photo!
    How are the chicks doing?