Monday, May 29, 2006

Stanley's Coming Home!!!

We're 3/4 of the way there!! The Cup's coming home in just a few more games!! Oil Fever is building and the team just keeps getting better and better. Contrary to what you may have seen on TV, not all fans are breaking windows and getting arrested. Lots of us are watching TV, cheering and then going on with our lives until the next game. But we are loving every minute of this run and hopefully we'll get the big one. Thanks to all those players who are working so hard and with tons of teamwork - you guys are the best!!

Our apologies to those of you who live outside the country - we know you aren't getting all the news and replays that Canadians are. Sorry!!! Check www.edmontonoilers/com for more pictures! And it's good to have the folks from down south (you know, the big "C" country) joining us in cheering now!!


  1. I've even got Tyler on the wagon. Go Oil! Tape us a game or two to watch when we get home. We miss it so much. Love and hugs.

  2. Yep, there are lots of flags flying on vehicles down here too but no rioting yet!

  3. Go Oilers Go! My husband is watching faithfully.