Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Photography Tuesday

This week my challenge was to use the black and white setting on the camera. I've never actually done this before! I think I can remember how to set it up for next time and it was fun to see the differences in the color and B&W shots. Buddy was looking for attention so he was my main subject!

My garden is coming up!! I'm not much of a grower but this year I'm trying hard!! I like the texture of the soil in these photos of the radishes. The colored one reminds me of those pictures where they tint one section of the photo. Hopefully I can keep ahead of the weeds!!!

I'd love to see what you can do using the B&W setting on your camera!


  1. Cool photos! I love the different ones you took! I didn't even think to pull out the camera when we were moving yesterday! DUH! Oh well, it was a rush and it's over now. I can take photos the next time we move. ;) I'll get to play with the camera in Radium this weekend anyways!

  2. I think it is totally cool that you try these things out! I don't even know if my new camera has a b&W setting... Hmmm. Now I am curious!

  3. These pictures made me miss home even more. You're trying so many cool things with your camera. I can't wait to see all that you've been up to. Oh, I found out where the camera market is in Taipei, so hopefully we can go check out some new ones. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with me.
    Love you so much.

  4. Great idea!! I don't know how to do b&w on my camera yet, will have to figure that out! :) THanks for the challenge!