Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4673 - #4720

- candles burning brightly
- digging potatoes without a fork or hoe
- more tomatoes in boxes
- a few precious apples from our tree
- 50 pumpkins from our volunteer plants

zucchini, ambercup squash, spaghetti squash, 
pumpkins and onions - all from our garden

- more pails of beets and potatoes
- much needed rain
- waterslides with grandsons
- impromptu plans
- groceries for Thanksgiving weekend

- chocolate covered almonds
- a shy little one saying "it was a good day"
- late evening nachos
- 20 lbs. of big beautiful onions from our garden
- daily blog visits for inspiration and wise words

- making Soule Salsa
- a whole container full of chopped cilantro
- taking time to make and send cards
- long afternoon naps
- her "what did you make in the oven today?" as she comes in the door after school

- more pails of beets and sacks of potatoes
- grain combined, straw baled, field empty
- building puzzles together
- Maƫlle's help putting clothes in the dryer
- watching them skate at the arena

- yellow leaves "raining down"
- car heater blowing warm air
- special envelopes tucked in a bag for Gramma and Grampa on Thanksgiving
- pumpkin pie with whipped cream
- watching the cousins visit together

- heritage pictures from 50+ years ago
- history books
- cream puffs
- 80th birthday parties
- fresh flowers, many fresh flowers

- rolling up cabbage rolls
- vacuumed and scrubbed floor
- making cranberry sauce
- chickens, happy as can be
- gathering around Thanksgiving tables

- digging carrots with Auntie Ruth and Mom
- visiting with nieces and nephews
- Thanksgiving display at church
- Mom's turkey stuffing
- my Dad's giant pumpkins

- that He gives us everything - everything!
- His grace new for each day, no matter what

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