Friday, October 12, 2012

Five on Friday

Quote of the Day
“There’s always going to be bad stuff out there. But here’s the amazing thing - light trumps darkness every time. You stick a candle into the dark, but you can’t stick the dark into the light.”
Jodi Picoult (born 1966);

2.  I'm at the Rural Alberta Community Physician Attraction and Retention Conference today - how's that for a long title?!

3.  My plans to do a bit of a photo walk downtown got rained out :(  Better rain than snow, I guess.

4.  The world is full of amazing people, doing amazing things, with amazing attitudes!  I had a great reminder of that today.

5.  Photo of the week:

special Thanksgiving drawing from Meadow
(whipped up just as quick as could be when she got home from school)

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