Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lists of 2012 - #41

Listography 2012 - #41 - 10 Things I Love About My Daughter(s)

Three daughters - three lists?
Or 1 list with 30 things on it?
Or 3 lists with 3.3333 things for a total of 10?
And 1 more list for our precious daughter-in-law?
Or just make the list already?  :))

Dedicated to K, H, M and N -

1.  Our daughters walk with God and lean on Him.  What a great example for their families!

2.  They love their children with every fiber of their being and take such good care of them.

3.  They've each married a wonderful partner who loves, encourages and appreciates them.  (So thankful for those men!)

4.  Each one of them is committed to healthy eating, preparing food from scratch, using local food and preserving summer goodness for winter use.

5.  They love their cameras and use them often :)

6.  Exercise is an everyday active part of their lives, whether it's a video and an exercise mat, a bike ride, a run with the stroller or a walk after a big meal.  I'm so proud of them for taking good care of their bodies.

7.  They are volunteers in their churches and their communities.

8.  They appreciate their grandparents and our family history.

9.  They believe birthdays are very special occasions and they make them special for their families.

10.  They love the outdoors and our beautiful country and take every opportunity to hike, camp, ski, bike and explore - with their little ones in tow!

11.  Intentional spending and the wise use of money are part of their everyday.   They make good choices for their families.

12.  They are country girls who love wide open spaces, fresh air and animals.  I think each of them would love to have a pen of chickens in the backyard, a few lambs playing in the grass, a pot-belly pig to scratch and cats and dogs playing with the kids - perhaps one day!

I am so very proud of these 4 beautiful women!

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  1. such a sweet list....i think family is so should scrapbook this <3