Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4623 - #4673

- students laughing in the gym
- listening in as they share jokes with friends
- Maëlle's laugh as she watches Blake (he can entertain her like no one else!)
- more potatoes dug
- cattle grazing in the early morning autumn mist as the sun rises

- smell of autumn leaves
- empty boxes as fruit is preserved and eaten up
- mailing cards to loved ones
- time for wandering through the new Winners that opened in our community
- little treasures to tuck away for Christmas giving

- thinking about sending shoeboxes with Operation Christmas Child
- new books
- home for supper
- pansies, sunflowers and sweet peas blooming on
- bumper crop of squash and pumpkins this year

- more tomatoes
- days of subbing with good plans and wonderful students
- amazing education assistants
- safe driving
- taking the scenic route

- me in bed by 9:30 p.m. (giant surprise!)
- breakfast with grandchildren
- walking to the bus together
- seeing the community gathered at the playground at 7:45 a.m
- watching her climb aboard - all grown up and confident

- seeing her in her learning space
- sitting together on the floor while she reads about beetles
- shopping together
- finding ways to support others around the world (Tom's shoes)
- supper ready in the crockpot when we got home

- frozen fruit yogurt as a treat
- jars and jars and jars all full
- photo albums filled with memories
- reading stories together
- help to fill the shopping cart

- picking one treat
- time at the playground
- hungrily eating lunch together, all 3 of us
- watching them play together
- a walk in the park

- taking photos
- watching Heather take photos
- words of wisdom on Sunday morning
- lunch with friends
- text messages from our children

(smallest and largest of my tomatoes in the greenhouse)

- picking more tomatoes
- gradually cleaning out gardens
- sales
- His love, no matter what anyone else thinks
- feeling completely surrounded by grace and love

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  1. those tomatoes are looking yummy! have you picked them all off now? so glad we could be a part of your week and your list. :)