Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4720 - #4755

- reading books over and over with the grandchildren
- Blake singing "Jesus Loves Me"
- lights burning brightly as the nights lengthen
- 3 sets of vehicle lights shining as the combine repairs progress
- every single seed of canola - it might never have grown at all - all a gift from God (to paraphrase Ann)

- supper ready before 10 a.m.
- baking pies with Naomi and Mom
- coring apples with Blake and Maƫlle
- cinnamon and sugar on top of Mom's pies (no one else makes them like this!)
- taking apple pie to the field for supper

- pictures of harvesting
- eating supper inside the van while the wind howled outside
- neighbors coming to help combine
- more and more pails of beets gathered in
- last row of carrots dug

- going to bed at 9:30 p.m.
- donuts :)
- my orange vest from Austria
- helping to setup for book fair
- marking spelling tests quickly

- delicious food at the Harvest Supper
- enjoying a movie with our Bible study group
- afternoon nap on a Saturday
- hot cup of coffee to warm my fingers
- autumn inventory in the yard

- Sunday dinner ready - on Saturday night!
- Amazing Race and amazing places
- my Gramma's pearls
- blog friendships
- text messaging

- a greenhouse to grow tomatoes in
- a dishwasher
- all the good food that He grew for us this summer
- how much abundance He has blessed us with
- singing praise hymns

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