Sunday, July 29, 2012

On This Day in History!

I saw a great idea on Lisa's blog, that she found via Nora Griffin, that I just had to do too!  The idea is to go back in your blog archives and see what you posted on this day in year's past.  I'm getting close to 2000 posts so I thought it would be cool to go back for the last 6 years and have a look.

2006 - We were just home from a three week adventure to visit Melinda and Tyler in Taiwan.  Our friends Audrey and Aime' came too and we also saw Hong Kong and China!

And we had been grandparents for just one month!  (So much has changed in 6 years!)

2007 - Melinda did a triathalon in St. Albert and I was her support / photographer!  Now she's a Mom of two little ones but I think she'd love to do something like this again.  

2008 - I wrote a Ten on Tuesday post that talked about fishing, raspberries and weather.  Some things never change!

2009 - We enjoyed our last day in New York City with Melinda, Tyler and Samuel.  

2010 - The post included a little poetry and pictures of raspberries - yes, the end of July is raspberry season here!

2011 - We'd enjoyed a day in Drumheller with two of our grandchildren.  And I did a Five on Friday post that talked about saskatoon picking. 

I loved this walk down memory lane!  So many blessings and so many adventures have filled these years.  Thank you to all of you who stop by and read my blog - I'm so glad I started this blogging thing!

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