Wednesday, July 04, 2012


On my list of projects for this year was the line "sewing for babies".  It's taken a while but at long last I finished a baby quilt for Peyton and gave it to her this weekend.

It's a strip rag quilt with 3 flannel patterns on the front.

I love how the seams opened up and almost look like little ruffles.

It was my first time sewing minky, that lovely thick plush fabric that is found in so many baby quilts.  It's good to be challenged and learn something new, right?!  The #1 thing I learned was to pin, pin, pin and pin some more when sewing with it.  But the end result was so worth it - a quilt back with the most wonderful feel and texture.  I just wanted to keep smoothing and stroking it!  I think the back is softer and cuddlier than the front.

Here's the dedication panel, my favourite addition to the back of every quilt that I've sewed.

I'm so happy to have made this.  I hope it will be a reminder for our granddaughter that she is loved and cherished so very much.

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  1. I have just got my first order of minky fabric.Does it come in different weights because mine looks much less fluffy. I will take a photo of it and see what you think. I LOVE the quilt!!!!