Friday, July 06, 2012

Five on Friday

Some links for you to check out today:

1.  Where Children Sleep by Bruce Mollison is a beautiful book with incredible pictures of children and their bedrooms around the world.    Check it out - each picture has so much to say about the culture of the child!

2.  The Top 5 Condiments to Eat - and the Ones to Avoid is a postt related to healthy eating.  Good stuff to know now that summer is in full swing.

3.  Mary at Owlhaven linked to the Bountiful Baskets program in her community this week.  I love the concept of cooperative buying of fresh produce so I went to their website to investigate more.  Does anyone know if there's a similar program in Canada?  I so want to participate!!

4.  While on that little trip through the worldwide web, I found this post  Mangoes 101.  It de-mystifies the whole question of how to cut a mango!

5.  What the World Eats is an interesting pictorial look at weekly food consumption in several countries around the world.   It's really got me thinking about what our picture would look like for one week.  How about yours??

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