Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

$4432 - #4472

- the seasons moving along steadily, no matter what
- grandchildren playing with sounds as they learn and listen
- being home
- buying groceries
- thrift store finds

- supplies for chickens
- apologizing
- a cool basement on hot days
- weed-free rows
- finishing a stack of sewing projects

- mending completed
- lightning flashing across the sky
- showers of rain
- last jars of the 2011 harvest
- more pots for transplanting, an unexpected find

- Egyptian dress and all the memories of that trip
- taco salad
- cool breeze blowing in the windows
- water hoses running on garden rows
- leaves of crinkled spinach

- polished toenails
- special gifts
- putting books on hold at the library
- beautiful rose blossoms
- hay bales rolled up, dotting fields around the countryside

- driving on country roads
- weekend plans
- little yellow zucchini forming on big green plants
- new varieties of vegetables in the garden
- yellow and orange marigolds for the garden

- company for Sunday dinner
- a whole meal from the garden and the sea
- time at the lake with little ones
- pails and pails of strawberries picked
- help with getting them in the freezer

- strawberry pie
- so much goodness provided by God
- amazing growing conditions, a gift from Him
- reading in His word
- bedtime prayers from our grandchildren

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