Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4472 - #4512

- writing out memories
- learning more about growing with every crop
- pillows on the couches
- small businesses that fill a niche
- songs of birds filling the early morning air
- bowl of berries to share for breakfast

- little ones singing at the supper table
- no trips to town this week
- afternoon tea and talk with friends
- sharing news about all our children
- pelican gliding on the lake

- pie shells
- rhubarb-saskatoon-strawberry crisp
- long telephone conversations
- pulling beets from two very long rows
- fresh lettuce

- last transplants in their pots
- a few marigolds to fill the rows
- cucumbers blooming
- finding pleasant surprises from last summer in the freezer
- summer sunshine
- cosmos reminder of my Gramma

- rearranging the greenhouse
- stakes and ties
- picking saskatoons and raspberries
- town and country garden tour
- stories shared by gardeners
- more roses blooming

- photos in albums
- stories from Ann about her week in Haiti
- more strawberries
- trusty vehicles
- hugs and kisses
- raspberries ripening

- driving through the country
- pulling potato plants from the garden
- parcels mailed
- great big shop vacuum cleaner
- that only half the basement got watered

- His words for this summer "I will give you rest"

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  1. uh-oh, did you get water in your basement?! that's not good. love that rose photo - so pretty! i was admiring your garden and flowers this year - your yard looks great!