Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4314 - #4377

- time and all the moments God gives me to fill
- early morning time, just a grandson and I
- cooking supper
- Mamas who choose to use natural products
- two boys having baths at the same time, one big and one very little

- vehicles lined up and pretend play
- playing baseball outside, learning to be a better pitcher so he can hit it every time
- mothers and babies nursing
- little head bobbing on my shoulder
- Thai Quinoa Salad for lunch
- photographer to capture the first new days

- bright colours on houses
- beautiful birth announcement showing our son and his family
- sunshine + sand + water = good times
- golden evening light gilding pink rosebushes alongside the house
- sewing when the house is quiet
- phoning to sing "Happy Birthday"

- food at Farmer's Markets
- conversation around the table
- Bible reading after every meal
- discussing stories and what God is telling us
- building edible creations

- hearing "Gramma, do you want to play hockey / play baseball / read books / play with me?"\
- fridge full of good food
- friends sharing baby things with Mel
- tea at the end of the day
- Malachi sleeping through loud praise music at church

- gifts found in someone older than me: my Auntie Ruth who always does cleanup at family gatherings, my Mom who serves faithfully in her community, my Auntie Irma whose door is always open with warm hospitality
- the play space at Chapter's
- wading pool swim for Samuel after soccer practice
- gifts found in fabric: warm and plush ivory minky for a quilt back, ocean print flannel for a car seat cover, little squares of soft flannel for baby wipes, cupcake fabric for birthday pillowcases
- gift in hard beautiful: having to say good-bye and fly home

- "Gramma, your daughter is really going to miss you when you go home. "
- after a few minutes of thinking, "Gramma,  your grandsons are really going to miss you when you home."
- "And I'm going to miss you all so much when I have to go home."
- drawings and photos scattered around the house
- good friends who wait half the night for delayed planes
- 2 coolers full of fish

- both of us home again
- lunch - all freshly caught or freshly picked
- summertime weiner roast
- birthday parties
- watching them open gifts, smiling and delighted with each one

- happy chickens
- weeds out of the garden
- finishing sewing projects
- year-end lunch together
- trading tomato plants for eggs

- baby shower
- Canada Day family gathering, everyone in red and white
- peonies from gardens
- cuddling Peyton
- four generation pictures

- God's abundance to me and to our family
- new little ones held by the older ones
- gifts, gifts, gifts for babies and birthdays
- my sister
- feeling oh, so very blessed

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  1. What a wonderful post.. dont you just love Ann and her initiative to give thanks for the bounty the Lord provides us.... you certainly have much for which to be grateful
    especially those sweet grandchildren... we are still waiting to see if any appear in our lives.... if not I will have to "adopt" some hehehe. God bless!