Friday, June 01, 2012

Summer Manifesto for 2012

As inspired by Ali Edwards (and others), here is my summer manifesto for 2012.

This summer:

I will cuddle and rock two new grandbabies.

I will play in the wading pool.

I will watch new parents and marvel.

I will celebrate my dad's 80th birthday.

I will watch my garden grow.

I will pick raspberries and saskatoons.

I will visit a u-pick for strawberries.

I will celebrate a wedding.

I will gather summer fruit from BC.

I will enjoy my rose bush.

I will have grandchildren over to stay.

I will read more books.

I will eat birthday cakes.

I will sew curtains and quilts.

I will make 3 potato salad.

I will have a family photo session with all of our children and their families.

I will raise chickens.

I will count more gifts.

I will entertain my girlfriends.

I will eat berries with brown sugar and cream.

I will ride in the boat while grandchildren waterski.

I will go to the splash park with them.

I will have an Alberta adventure somewhere in our province.

I will sleep in the camper.

I will visit the mountains.

I will put summer pillows on the couches.

I will pray.

I will savour every memory of summer's past.

I will make new memories.

I will use my camera more.

I will bask in the sunlight.


  1. You will bless others that read your blog!

    ** Add that to the list!

  2. what a great list. i loved reading it. :)