Saturday, June 02, 2012

May's Meanderings

May was marvelous for so many reasons:

Our granddaughter, Peyton Mae, arrived safely and is just perfect!

I worked 14.5 days, including a seven day assignment in junior - senior high school and five days in grade one.  A big difference in age and size - but so many similarities too!

Our crops of barley and canola were planted and are growing.

The garden was planted and some of it pushed its way out of the ground.

We ate our first new baby potatoes with cream and dill - soft and buttery, so good.

My sister and I took my Mom to a play for Mother's Day.

Our Sunday School tried an after church session.  I taught the older group.

200 baby chicks arrived at our farm.

The lawn was mowed.

Apple trees and saskatoon bushes bloomed profusely.

Tomato plants continued to thrive.

I visited Sprouts Greenhouse twice.

My Mother's Day gifts included a lavender colored rose, a donation to KIVA and a pedicure.

We made a quick trip to visit Peyton and her parents.

Our Bible study group met for the last time before summer break and finished our discussion on Heaven Is For Real.

Health Advisory Council met in Devon and heard from Metis and First Nations groups.

Spring came into its own and has been much enjoyed at our house!

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