Monday, June 04, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4206 - #4236

- sleeping in, even just a bit!
- driving and visiting
- seeing Aunts and Uncles after a long time
- hearing them tell sibling stories
- blue sky over apple trees in bloom

- phone calls
- creeks and ponds full of water
- big salad suppers
- dark stormy skies moving away from us
- sun shining on brilliant green trees

- the gift of time
- picnic lunches
- playing together on the playground
- watching littlest Miss M climb up to the top (and being right close behind)
- more plants from the greenhouse

- each one picking the plants they like
- driving home on the scenic route instead of the highway
- a new orange pen
- orange and purple daisies
- Friday night suppers brought home

- little helpers in the chicken coop
- envelope with pictures and drawing in the mail
- after supper naps
- sharing in the joy of  confirmation
- a home for chickens, complete with willow arch

- knowing that He has good things planned for K
- bread and wine, reminders of His sacrifice for me
- all the beauty of His creation
- He will never love me less and He will never love me more
- He loves me all. the. time!

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  1. there's lots of pretty blooms at your house! love your list. so grateful He loves us so much too.