Sunday, June 24, 2012

Creativity Portal

Today's writing prompt at Creativity Portal is "Foods that I love".

The foods that I love most these days are ones that are fresh and full of flavour.  Simple foods like bright orange carrots pulled right out of the soil, juicy dark red cherries with stems still attached, crisp green lettuce fresh from the field and plump red strawberries dumped out of their green paper boxes speak to the newness of another growing season and all the goodness that awaits.  New baby potatoes lifted from the sack just minutes before cooking, with rich cream and flavourful dill poured into the pot to finish them for the table make my mouth water even as I write.  Ah, here's to the foods that I love this month and all of the ones still to come this summer!  

For awhile I've been thinking that I need up ramp up my writing so using 5 minutes to generate some ideas on a specific topic seems like a good place to start.   Maybe I need to do this daily?  We'll see!

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  1. this is such a great idea! it reminds me of the book I read (and started writing because of) called Writing Motherhood where she has many, many writing prompts to get you writing every day. Such a great exercise and I love what you wrote.