Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello, Monday

Heeeellllloooo brand new grandson  and big brother!

Hello daughter and doctor-husband.

Hello beautiful summer days.

Hello sleeping on the air bed.

Hello washing dishes by hand.

Hellon gorgeous heritage homes.

Hello beautiful trees and yards.

Hello cuddle time.

Hello baseball games.

Hello pools and soccer fields.

Hello first CSA box of the year.

Hello walking to the library and over the bridge.

Hello vegetarian suppers.

Hello surf 'n turf night.

Hello new adventures in cooking.

Hello missing home.

Hello old friends.

Hello u-pick strawberry farm.

Hello new jars of 2012 jam.

Hello evening tea and dessert.

Hello Thomas and Duplo blocks and story books.

Hello family birthdays and singing on the phone.

Hello memories of when our baby was a baby!

Hello longest day of the year.

Hello beautiful summer memories!

1 comment:

  1. Your Monday sounds delightful! Have a great week and give evryone a hug from me!