Monday, June 25, 2012

Gratitude Gifts Today

#4274 - #4314

- beautiful baby girl
- confident mamas who know their little ones
- the welcome I receive in our children's homes
- closets full of little clothes
- delicious food shared

- a big hug from a grandson - and his mom and dad - at the airport
- seeing Malachi for the first time
- safe air travel
- seeing puddles, ponds, creeks and dugouts filled with water from up above
- a bird's eye view of our country

- a little airport shopping
- the beautiful trees of Fredericton
- flowers blooming everywhere
- parks and playground equipment for playing on
- "Three Billy Goats and the Bog Brothers" played out on the bridge

- cuddling babies who smell divine after a bath
- watching them settle as parents of two
- playing baseball
- baby slings
- bikes and riders

- late evening walks
- umbrellas
- cooking together
- laughing at silly boys (big ones and little ones)
- baby baths

- Farmer's Market
- signs
- cheese curds
- box of herb plants
- a 'churches' walking tour with Tyler and Samuel

- pedicures
- a bed in the living room
- Daddies who cook breakfast
- good neighbors
- little sewing projects

- hearing God's word
- prayer
- pastors who teach
- worship time
- knowing that God has them all covered over

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