Friday, June 29, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Bob went fishing off Prince Rupert on the west coast and came home with some lovely salmon and halibut.  Our freezer is stocked up for some great meals this summer.

2.  We did a little birthday celebrating with our June birthday grandchildren this week.  How can it be six and three years since they joined our family?!

3.  Our chickens have morphed from cute cuddly bits of yellow fluff to big white birds who eat and drink a lot these days.

4.  Our dinner yesterday included some of the halibut, new baby potatoes, sauteed beet greens and a spinach salad.  Everything except the fish was grown on our land.  It's such a great feeling to eat food that you've grown.

First picking of radishes and spinach from the garden

5.  Prudent Baby has great instructions for making simple boys' pants.  I wish my days had more hours in them so I could get some of these cute things actually made instead of just adding them to my Pinterest boards!

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  1. I have started digging up my potatoes too - they are so delicious when they come straight out of the ground! I took some to Glynis yesterday. And the lettuce, baby spinach and herbs are all being eaten in quantity too. I have to wait a bit for the peas, beans and other stuff, but those days will soon be here, and the tomato glut is almost a certainty, given that I have so many tomato plants this year!! Isn't it wonderful to eat what you have grown???!