Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #10

Listography #10 - If I Could I Would -

1.  Visit the girls we sponsor through Compassion International in Brazil and Ethiopia.

2.  Take all of our family on yearly vacations to places like Hawaii, Disneyland, Prince Edward Island, the Galapagos Islands, eastern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Germany - you get the idea!

3.  Camp our way through all 51 of the United States and all the provinces and territories of Canada.

4.  Renovate our bathroom - top to bottom!

5.  Have our front and back yards professionally landscaped - with yearly maintenace :)

6.  Build a new lodge at our local church camp.

7.  Travel with my Mom and sisters - to places like Italy to pick olives, the Netherlands to see the tulips blooming, India to see the Taj Mahal, France to attend a cooking school and Germany to visit the places where my grandparents were born.

8.  Help our kids and their families with buying their homes.

9.  Spend time with National Geographic photographers on location.

10.  Learn how to swim and play guitar.

11.  Go on an Antarctica cruise.

12.  Completely redo my scrapbook studio with room for sewing and quilting, scrapbooking and stamping.

13.  Hire someone to do the farm accounting.

14.  Go to Afghanistan and help in the education system, especially with women and children.

15.  Attend the Passion Play in Oberammagau, Germany.

16.  Learn to line dance.

17.  Pick a different charity each year and make a major donation to a big project that they have.

18.  Have my husband cook supper on the days that I work - imagine that!

19.  Scrapbook one layout every single day.

20.  Prevent weeds from growing in my organic garden.  

21.  Operate a bed and breakfast home with an attached bookstore / coffee shop and bakery / scrapbook store / fabric and quilt shop (sounds like a mall, actually!).

22.  Use a high speed commuter train to go to Airdrie and Calgary.

23.  Travel to Nepal and Mongolia.

24.  Pay off our loans.

25.  Visit my blogging friends all over the world.


  1. SUCH A great list! Tells lots about how giving you are!

  2. Some of these are doable, like the line dancing. Sounds like fun. Great list, I always love your blog, it's constantly changing and full of great ideas!

  3. love your list, Crystal. Dreaming about the weeds though........ a weed is just an unloved flower. :-)

  4. Love your list - so fun. So glad you are doing these with us.