Monday, March 07, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Today was a day to long be remembered!!  Our son-in-law Tyler is waiting to enter a medical residency program and the match day was today.  God has led and guided and provided for Tyler and Melinda for the past 5 years and today He once again directed them down the next path on their journey.  I'll share more details about this once Mel and Tyler have had a chance to process a bit and once they've shared the news with those closest to them.  God is so, so good!!

And He keeps providing and I keep noticing.  And by noticing, time stands still for a brief moment and opens the way to me having enough time to live this one life I've been given!  (paraphrase from Ann's book)

#2179 -#2203

- sons

- squares of sunshine in the bedroom

- shadows of swings waiting for little ones

- sound of washer and dryer humming away

- clean counter and dishes drying

- a gift of baking to share

- our Bible study group

- Praise CD in the player

- corn chowder

- cheese scones

- Sunday worship

- knowing that He can change a life

- leftovers for lunch

- full grocery boxes

- orange, purple and pink in the sunrise

- hugs and kisses first thing in the morning

- coloring together

- phone calls

- afternoon naps for everyone in the house

- amazing Dads who spent long hours with their little ones

- pizza for supper

- God's words to us

- His goodness spilling over into our lives

(My laptop is in the 'hospital' for a few days so I'll share photos once I have it back.)


  1. I can't wait to hear where they will be going, Crystal - so many great gifts here today.

  2. How wonderful Crystal!!!!