Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Our daughter and her two little ones are here for a few days and we are having a very good time!  We are busy every minute of the day and all five of us fall into bed exhausted at night.  We are so very blessed to spend time with our children and grandchildren and we treasure every smile, every hug and every conversation  - every single time we see any of them.

And I am reminded again of how God uses the little children to show us how we should live.  Believing, whole heartedly, trusting, full of joy and laughter, pausing to smile and share hugs,  bouncing right along through turmoil and even discipline, and always welcome at Jesus' feet.  Oh, that I would be more like that!

I see blessings and I count them.  And then I forget to pause and notice and record and my eyes are glazed over.  But when I am reminded and He surprises me again, I see only myriad gifts and my heart soars!

#2264 - #2296

- little ones snuggled in bed first thing in the morning

- long, clear icicles hanging off the eaves

- a daughter in the house

- text messages that let me know the ones farther away are having fun

- time to create

- their enthusiasm to make music

- bacon on cheez whiz and toast - and Helaya's comments

- splashing in the swimming pool

- hot tub, also at the pool

- dish soap

- a full day of shopping and visiting with Naomi and her little ones

- new-to-me tops

- playing in the snow with Helayna

- snowmen

- imagination!

- snacks

- kids music in the CD player

- safe driving for the whole week

- lots of days of subbing

- visiting with friends over coffee

- climbing snowbank mountains

- her little hand tucked into mine

- all of Silas' words and long sentences

- their laughter when Grampa chases them

- hands full of little vehicles

- warmer temperatures

- new (to us) bed set up in the guest room

- sinking and shrinking snowbanks

- late night discussions while sitting on the bed

- leaving it in His hands

- leaning hard into His arms

- not questioning Him - just trusting


  1. enthusiasm to make music ... now that should be something we all strive for :)

    Have a GREAT week Crystal! Thanks for your kind words too ~

  2. Love your list! It's perfect! Enjoy your snuggle time with the Grands

  3. He really is everywhere, in everything, showing us just how good and loving and trustworthy he is.
    Love the list and those two very cute photos.

  4. Thanks for having us and letting us over run your house. We had so much fun with you and Dad. Love you!

  5. Such precious times. We had two of ours here for several days last week, and it was priceless. I love the enthusiasm and giggles.