Monday, March 21, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

It's another Monday but winter has come back with more snow, blowing winds and poor driving conditions - again.  It feels like winter has been so long and the sun has been hidden so much lately.  But I am reminded that He works even when the snow is deep, the trees are empty and the ground is frozen. This is the season of resting in Him and trusting Him in everything.  Spring and new life will come - He assures me of that.

So I count on - noticing in small things just how much He gives every. single. day.

#2230 - 2264

- cold easing a little

- hot tea in the morning

- gathering for Bible study

- reading more than the familiar passages

- discussing each other's questions

- fresh perspectives shared by others

- a vehicle to drive

- full tank of gas

- conversations and understanding another point of view

- liver sausage and mustard on toast

- smell of red peppers roasting

- organ playing as the church fills

- littlest ones coming to Sunday School

- packing away the last of winter decorations

- bringing out spring colours

- watching Meadow play hockey

- meeting two of Darrin's college friends who are dads and hockey coaches now

- hugs and kisses from Blake

- visits with my Mom and Dad

- hearing about my sister's projects

- bright tulips on Naomi's table

- watching students enjoy phys ed

- remembering how to factor numbers

- a beautiful new school

- little grandson sleeping on my shoulder

- whole days spent with our grandchildren

- baking cookies together

- tasting dough :)

- book club gatherings

- great ideas

- enjoying the company of fellow readers

- reading His word

- God's protection as I drive

- grace that God freely gives to me, new every day


  1. Wow you are up to 2000 and counting. Love that you have not stopped after 1000 and love that you are thankful for a tank of gas. We too are thankful for that especially now with the price so hign. Have a great day in the Lord!

  2. I love your lists. I love the ordinary things giving such happiness, and I love your thankful heart, my friend.

  3. It’s Friday and I’m still reading lists from Ann’s. Happy I made it to yours. And I’ve been telling friends – winter never lets go without one last kick – this may be it :)

    I heart your list, my favorite one this week is - tasting dough :) – mainly because if you have enough self discipline to taste only I applaud you I think I’d have eaten it all before it got to eh oven {smile}

    God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.