Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Almost overnight it seems that winter has decided to fade away and spring is much closer.  The days are so much longer, especially with the start of daylight saving time, and sunshine has flooded through the last few days.  Puddles are forming where the ice is melting,  icicles are dripping off the roof and the kids wanted to abandon their jackets at recess today.  How quickly the weather has changed!

And even more dramatically than the weather has changed  here, so have the lives of those who live in northern Japan changed forever.  What devastation and ruin the earthquake and tsunami have brought to the land!  I pray that those affected might somehow know God's love and grace as they live through these days.  And I pray that I might be see how to best help and be God's hands and feet in this.  For now all I can do is pray fervently for God to work miracles.

And my days continue to be filled with His grace and my joy.  What abundance and safety I am daily granted!

#2203 - #2230

- the incredible way that God takes care of every single detail of our lives!

- Tyler being accepted for residency in Canada

- that all 3 of our daughters support and love their husbands so fully

- hearing about weekend adventures that are completely enjoyed

 - beautiful warm temperatures

- feeling like spring will actually come

- hot water for morning showers

- bright, beautiful daffodils on the table

- unexpected days of subbing

- Grampas who can go swimming with little ones

- big juicy oranges

- vision for future developments

- living in this safe place

- weekends

- educational assistants and their help in the classroom

- children's picture books

- chocolate cake

- slow cooker simmering away

- casseroles in the freezer

- Friday evenings playing cards with friends

- freshly vacuumed floors

- a dishwasher humming along

- creative time

- sprouts on potatoes

- walking the Lenten pathway

- knowing that He is coming again!

- adjusting my life to walk more closely to Him


  1. The devastation in Japan is unbelievable and unfathomable for me, too. I live beside an ocean and I just can't imagine it rolling in over homes and cars like it did in Japan. We're praying earnestly for that nation and people.
    There is so much goodness in the everyday. I love the daffodils and the spring life they bring to our tables. I have a beautiful hyacinth blooming in the window and its fragrance fills the kitchen every morning. Simple pleasures, gracious gifts.
    Love your list, your countings and your noticing God all around you. Hugs.

  2. I really wanted to know what was in the slow cooker!!!!! I could almost smell something really good going on there! I just loved your list -- especially in light of the unthinkable tragedy in Japan. I'm very near the Gulf of Mexico, and when I look out over that expanse of water, I can't even imagine it coming over me. I am so learning gratitude at a whole new depth!