Friday, May 14, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1.  Look who's one today!!

We are very excited to be planning for his birthday party next week when he arrives in Alberta with his Mommy and Daddy!  It will be his first time to meet most of our family and we have lots of special times planned.  You can read more about him over at A Year Without Peanut Butter.  Thanks for the picture, Mel!

2.   As part of a totally new venture,  I transplanted 30 tiny tomato seedlings tonight.  This is the first time we've grown any seeds like this so the learning curve is steep.  The 3 pumpkins and 3 buttercup squash are looking like prospects for actually producing something but the tomatoes may need until Christmas!  Stay tuned!!

3.   I found some lovely treasures at the thrift store today - a blancher, some canning jars and a salad spinner.  

4.  Here's one of the heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the greenhouse yesterday.  I'm giving it to my Dad for Father's Day - he's right into trying new varieties of things.  His latest venture was planting the sprouted seeds that were inside an eating tomato.

5.   I have this craving for rhubarb but mine's too short to harvest yet.   It's one of my favourite spring tastes!  What's your favourite springtime food?

6.  Have you ever heard of a Picnic Club?  There's one in Provo, Utah and it sounds like a marvelous way to enjoy summer!  I think every community should have one of these :))

7.  The raspberry patch is cleaned out and ready to grow.  You can see the pile of old dead canes in the background here.

8.  I awoke at 5 a.m. this morning (no, I didn't actually stay up at that time!) and the sky was already getting light.  The days are so very long now.  We're just a little more than a month away from the longest day of the year!

9.   You might like reading 52 Ways to Build Your Courage in this ezine by Christine Kane.   It's very encouraging and makes me think about what I could really try to do.

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10.  I've just read these 10 points over and it appears that growing things is on my mind today!!  


  1. We have lots more photos of yesterday's festivites to share with you. It was fun. He wanted to hold the candle more than the cupcake, but he devoured that, too.
    I love that you're talking lots about growing, planting, new life. Can't wait to see it next week. Can Samuel dig around in the garden?

  2. oh man that picnic club sounds like such a fun idea!!!!! I think I might have to start my own! :)
    Love these lists! Loved that link to the courage list too!

  3. Thanks for the great link to Christine Kane - what a fantastic site!!

  4. I've been growing my own tomatoes from seed for many years....... let me know if you need some tips! As you say, the learning curve is steep, but everything usually works out all right in the end! Mmmm, homegrown tomatoes