Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

Again my life is filled to overflowing!

- sunlight streaming in through the window

- the patterns of frost on the grass

- leaves bursting out

- chives that survived the winter

- a visit to a lovely greenhouse, nestled in the country

- cuddling Blake who wasn't feeling great

- ducks bobbing in the ditch water

- little projects sewn, filled and shared for Mother's Day

- community members willing to be part of the change in health care

- folding a load of clean laundry first thing in the morning

- watching Meadow swim in her kids' pool - with warm water in it

- using my camera and learning how to read the light

- a spotless countertop

- lunch ready to grab and go

- leaving for school early

- quiet moments - absolute stillness

- major cleanup done in the bedroom

- healthy heirloom tomato plants

- +20 on the thermometer

- buds just forming on the apple trees

- menu planning incorporating good food into our meals

- Farmer's Market opening this week :))

- peanut M&M candies

- a new umbrella plant for the living room, after searching for a long time

- colored notepaper

- time with my Mom and siblings

- transplanting seedlings 

- setting herbs into pots

- remembering Samuel's birth, 1 year ago tonight

- treasuring the gift of grandchildren

- time to pause and reflect

- living the Resurrection story


  1. I always love reading your gratitude gifts and your Spirit, Crystal.

  2. Awesome list with so much goodness and great photos, too. Love the one of you with your siblings and mom.
    The blueberries look delicious. Samuel would love to help you eat them. I think he'd eat the whole bowl himself. Any left in the freezer for him?

  3. Oh the kids are getting so big!! Sigh...