Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Some reading that I've done over the past few days suggests that truly living and enjoying one's life starts by paying attention to the little bits of everyday goodness and blessings.  I couldn't agree more!

- fat robins strutting on the lawn

- little cars and doll clothes to gather up for it means the grandchildren have been here

- bags of frozen saskatoon berries, goodness just waiting to be used

- safety on roads that were covered with deep snow-slush

- sparkling light fixtures

- reminding myself to shine with His light

- dust pushed to the backs of the chairs as friends have sat and polished the seats clean

- turning the camera on to manual mode - and capturing perfect light

- songs sung by our granddaughters

- anticipating Samuel's first birthday

- taco salad

- the library

- crisp clean and bright new snow as it waters the land

- an afternoon nap

- cinnamon buns with caramel sauce, fresh from the oven

- grade two's reading a favourite story to me at lunch time

- patterns of snow on leaves and trees

- dry highways

- pleasant people

- a fresh batch of lavender laundry soap

- listening to our son-in-law's Sunday message

- prayer

- just trusting that He will take care of everything

- knowing that He will send summer's beauty in good time


  1. i can't wait for the lilacs to bloom! they were blooming out on the coast and we couldn't stop smelling them. there were some just outside the place we stayed.

    i need to do my list but am having a hard time this week...

  2. Great list! It's funny that snow is making you happy these days, but I know it's good for the earth, the fields, the farmers and gardeners. I hope the lilacs are blooming at your place when we're there. They are one of my favourite signs of spring. The tulips are blooming all over the city, another favourite. One day we'll have to get to Holland for the tulip festivals.