Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

God has filled my day with His gifts again!

holy experience

- seven solid hours of sleep

- time to read in the morning, my favourite time to do it

- blossoms everywhere!

- email from our daughter-in-law

- conversations with friends - and the big intense but respectful discussions that result

- seeing Meadow's surprise and her eyes light up when we drove in unannounced

- reading other lists

- expert advise from our green thumb daughter and her husband

- photographing this time of year - I think it's just about my favourite time to be out with the camera

- planning "The Party"

- Barbara Reid's book "The Party"! - a children's story about family reunion parties - it makes me think of our gathering this weekend

- homemade yogurt - I think I'm getting the techniques refined

- driving through the pasture and along the creek on the quad

- clean laundry

- morning recess

- cold drinks on hot days

- a washing machine that I can turn the knob on and walk away (imagine having to carry the water, boil the water, scrub the clothes, wring them out, hang them up, carry out the water - it's exhausting to think about doing laundry back then!)

- hearing the red-winged blackbirds as they fly around the creek

- salmon salad sandwiches eaten in the field - just about anything tastes good when it's eaten outside

- knowing that these guys are just about ready to board the plane - and that they'll be in Alberta by 9 p.m. tonight!!

- an afternoon of baking

- warm Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

- a little voice saying "Bonjour, Gramma!"

- finding this cool idea for a summer activity on Stacy Julian's blog today

- marsh marigolds shining in the sun

- the fresh outdoors smell after a rainshower

- the brilliance of a rainbow in the eastern sky

- knowing that God holds me each day in His hands

- that Ann would start this Gratitude Community

1 comment:

  1. I love your list and I can't wait for this weekend too.

    And I'm so grateful that Ann started this too. :)