Monday, May 24, 2010

The Party

It was Samuel's first birthday party celebration today!

He loved the balloons Uncle Darrin and Auntie Kelsey brought.

Auntie Naomi and Mommy baked and decorated a baseball cake.

Gramma baked and Daddy iced the cupcakes.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and the cousins took turns blowing out the candle, over and over again!

And then we ate cake, opened presents, took pictures and had a very good time altogether.
It was the perfect family gathering for a perfect little man!  We are so thankful that he came to Alberta to meet everyone and share the fun with us!!


  1. Happy Birthday Samuel!

    Love the photos, Crystal. I think I have a little catching up to do....

  2. It looks like Samuel had a wonderful 1st birthday party! Love that cake-good job Mommy and Auntie! So nice that you had such a wonderful time with the whole family!