Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

It has been a week full of overflowing goodness and blessings!

- waking to hear the sounds of a little boy who's had a long sleep

- little arms reaching up to me

- snuggling

- quiet time without Mommy and Daddy - a few minutes snatched and tucked away to remember

- healthy appetites

- many hands in the kitchen

- a daughter who took charge of keeping the floors swept - thanks, H!

- a crowded table at mealtimes

- time outside together

- a teeter-totter that Grampa put together again

- watching our daughters and son-in-laws love on their sweet little ones

- hearing so many of Silas' words and how he adds new ones every day

- swings that Grampa put up

- a family picture with everyone in it  - I am so happy about that!

- buttercups picked along the creek

- a very cute and silly little boy playing hide and seek

- calves and cows back in the pastures

- birthday parties

- the day after birthday parties

- time to read with our granddaughters

- how good babies smell after a bath

- leftovers that can be pulled out to quickly make a meal

- a deep freeze with meal items prepared ahead of time

- having fun riding the quads

- flying a kite on a windy afternoon

- seeing how much joy they give to each other

- playing Rook with Tyler and Melinda - big game fans that they are

- sunshine and warmer weather

- peanut butter on celery

- blowing bubbles together

- introducing Samuel to the sandbox

- the first picking of rhubarb, even if the stalks are short

- finding potatoes poking through the ground

- time together

- hearing the birds sing through open windows

- so thankful that God protects travelers and those on the roads

- resting in His promises of grace and provision when my heart is sad


  1. Beautiful Memories you have made this week, but it is so sad when they leave. I guess that's why we take pictures, they help us hold onto those precious moments.

  2. It was so great to celebrate and spend time with you and the rest of our family. It is incredibly hard to say good-bye and know that it will be a few more months until we see you again. Thanks for the everything - the chats, the quad rides, the babysitting, the laughter, all of it big and small. We love you so much!

  3. Those photos are so awesome. We had such a great time. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into my kids' lives.