Friday, March 26, 2010


The first day I was in Calgary was a wintery day!  We played at a playground for 20 minutes, warmed up in the van and then played for 20 more minutes.  Poor little Silas' teeth was chattering by that point so it was time to go home.  The next day was quite another story though!  By noon the sun was out even though we still needed mitts and by late afternoon, it was a balmy +10 degrees.  Alberta weather!

With the sun shining, the bike and car had to come out.  And they were on the move!

His little feet were just a-motoring as he whizzed along!  I had to keep adjusting the steering so he wouldn't veer off onto the lawn or into the cars parked alongside.  He's such a boy with his love of vehicles :)

There's something I like about this picture with the little person, the little tires and the big cars.  She sails along too!


  1. You got some great photos of them outside!

  2. A great time with the grandchildren! Victor loves vehicles, too--and I'm sure it's nothing we forced on him. He just takes a liking to big machines. Little boys are like that, I guess. XO

  3. These phots are super cute! I bet they both zoom around and it's a task to keep up with them. So glad the weather warmed up and you were able to get outside for a bit...without freezing.
    I can't wait to come and hang out with everyone. We miss you!