Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Today I smile as I think of the blessings by which I am surrounded.

- waking without the alarm clock

- blue sky

- melting snowbanks

- a shower

- fresh towels

- the washer and dryer humming along making my laundry chores so easy

- the vibrant red of fresh strawberries

- a glass of water

- branches waiting to bud - and even though they just came in yesterday, I still had to check this morning

- time to read a bit

- starting to read the third gospel, Luke, in my Bible

- finishing more tasks :)

- making a quick casserole from basic ingredients

- fresh veggies, -cleaned, cut and ready to use - waiting in the fridge

- this message from Meadow "Please call me right back!" (which we were happy to do)

- a little leftover bit of cream cheese and jalapeno jelly to spread on a cracker

- assembling gift bags

- hanging clean clothes back in the closet

- tulips

- thinking about how to write a book review, a new challenge

- peanut M & M candies

- finishing a gigantic task (well, it was gigantic to me!)

- a weight off the shoulders

- salted mixed nuts

- safe travels

- a tiger brownie treat

- music to listen to

- a warm welcome

-  the promise of new life, hidden but already swelling

- His life, given for me, so that I might have life and have it abundantly!


  1. What a great list! I love peanut m and m's too!

  2. Lovely Crystal. We are forcing a few branches too--the forsythia are done but our crab apple buds are ready to pop. Victor has been quite excited to show everyone the flowers. XO