Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

My life continues to have boundless gifts in it!

- sun (actual sun!) peeking over the horizon
- noticing how much further north on the horizon the sun is already
- sunlight streaming down onto the floors

- apple branches beginning to bud in the warmth of the house

- tiniest little stems poking out of soil and reaching to sunlight
- setting a batch of buns to rise
- a good mystery book
- fresh sheets on the bed
- fat, fuzzy pussy willows on the table
- saskatoon - apple cobbler with cream
- hot soapy water covering dishes
- steaming water, pouring out of the tap when others have to gather and walk for just a little bit of water
- intentionally thinking about and planning things I want to do this summer (inspired by Becky)
- a new look on the fireplace

- changing out decorations and welcoming spring
- seeing Celine Dion on Oprah’s show 
- Hallejulah, as sung by the Canadian Tenors
- leftovers
- sun setting after 8 p.m.
- a very special card that arrived in the mail - a lovely surprise!
- photographs of our grandchildren

- memories of games played
- being able to spend days with my husband
- God’s grace that sent Jesus to give me life, an abundant life with Him
- the Resurrection and the joy it brings

holy experience


  1. Great photos! Love the one of the kids with the chairs. What were you playing?
    Spring must be in the air. You have so much spring goodness around you and in your house.
    Enjoy the celebrations and time with family this weekend. Wish were there to be with you! Miss and love you.

  2. I love the new look on the fireplace...very cute!