Friday, March 26, 2010

She Says, He Says

After spending 2 days with Helayna and Silas, these little gems stick with me.

"It's not a secret - it's not a fairy tale - Jonah was in the whale - for three whole days - 1, 2, 3!!!!"

"Jesus loves the little Helaynas,
All the Helaynas of the world,
Yellow, green, black and white,
They are precious in His sight,
Jesus loves the little Helaynas of the world!"

And while we were laying in bed last night:
          "Gramma, thanks for loving me!"
          And I think to myself, "OH, sweetheart, I am so blessed -
          You just fill my heart and my world with love!"

Her little brother is just starting to talk now.  If it has wheels and moves, he probably can name it!  Bus, car, truck, tractor, bike - he knows them all.  He loves dogs, can 'woof', 'meow', and growl like a bear.  "Mama" is definitely a favourite word and he can ask for milk, water and bubbles.   It's so much fun getting to know him as a little person now.

 What blessings are these grandchildren of ours!!


  1. Lucky you to have some time with them again! I just LOVE what comes out of kids mouths, they are so innocent aren't they. A Blessing and a Treasure

  2. awwwww, you captured them perfectly! :)

  3. So, so sweet! XO