Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

On a day when some things seemed hard or went wrong, I still count these blessings.

- noticing how far the sun has moved north as it peeks over the horizon

- a gold and orange sunrise

- leaving early

- bus supervision with the grade 6's

- Safety Patrols

- seeing an old acquaintance and catching up on some news

- enthusiasm during phys ed class

- time to work one on one with a student for story writing

- coffee + hot chocolate + white chocolate coffee creamer

- quiet students, on task

- finishing a task just as the bell rings

- enchilada casserole, even better the next day

- celery sticks

- students who can stay on task even when chaos is reigning

- supportive colleagues

- apologies

- computer-based research projects

- support from the office

- colored pens

- photocopiers

- sending mail

- new stickers

- Creating Keepsakes magazine in the mailbox

- an after school nap

- mango rooiboos tea

- clean clothes

- pondering behaviours that went awry

- prayer - lots of it!

- knowing that I did the 'right' thing

- the end of the day


  1. great list! i always enjoy them.

  2. I saw your note to Jill and popped over to say hello to a fellow Canadian and teacher :) I'm retired now but I appreciate that gratitude list! Students on task and an after school nap were favourites :)

  3. Sounds like a full day. Isn't it wonderful to wake up with the sunrise instead of before it? ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Bales & Tales ... I appreciated your comment :)

    Fun to read through other's lists ... life is good :)

    Have a GREAT rest of your week ~