Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Driving

It was a gorgeous day here in New York City with a high temperature of +14 degrees C so we loaded up and headed out of town!  Destination:  Long Island, specifically Sand Point Preserve.

This part of the island is about an hour's drive from Mel and Tyler's and has estates with gorgeous homes on them.  

The main attractions inside the Preserve were Castle Gould

and Hempstead House, built in 1912 for the Gould family, it later became the home of Daniel and Florence Guggenheim in 1917.  The buildings are beautiful and in various stages of restoration but they were closed today.   This whole area of Long Island was once part of the Gold Coast, a retreat for the rich and famous.

The castle grounds are the site of medieval fairs in the summertime and we found a few interesting artifacts, including a wooden pitchfork and a wooden wheelbarrow.  

Of course Samuel was a big attraction in himself!  Grampa is a favourite person of his and they do all kinds of stuff together like practising how to walk.

And riding on Grampa's shoulders brings big smiles!

Adoring mama and papa captured lots of it with their cameras.

And we got a few family pictures -

complete with ball caps.

It was pretty bright and sunny but these shades didn't stay on too long!  It was a great day spent together!  Thanks, Mel and Tyler, for finding this spot complete with trees and grass, rare commodities in NYC :))


  1. What a gorgeous day! I'd always wondered what Long Island looks like; thanks for posting. Cute family pics, too!

  2. What a cutie!!!! Just had to say that! :)

  3. Thank you for always sharing your travels - I love that I can see the world from my own home!! And Samuel is such a sweetheart :)

  4. WOW! Look at how much he has grown!! Thanks for sharing with us.