Sunday, March 21, 2010

New York Highlights #4

New York City is filled with famous places, interesting buildings and tons of spots to explore!

Work on St. Patrick's Cathedral was begun in 1858 but was halted during the Civil War and resumed in 1865. The cathedral was completed in 1878 and dedicated on May 25, 1879, its huge proportions dominating the midtown of that time. 

  • The cathedral is built of brick, not marble because brick is stronger. However, it was then covered with marble, quarried in New York and Massachusetts.
  • It can accommodate 2,200 people.
  • The site of the church takes up a whole city block, bounded by East 51st Street to the north, Madison Avenue to the east, East 50th Street to the south, and Fifth Avenue to the west.
  • The spires rise 330 feet (100 m) from street level.
  • The windows were made by artists in Chartres, France, Birmingham, England and Boston, Massachusetts. The great rose window is one of Charles Connick's major works.
(from Wikipedia)

The inside reminded me so much of some of the European cathedrals we visited.

We walked down to the New York Public Library but the building was closed on this particular night because of a NY University Law School function.  The lions guarding the entrance were lit with pink lights and the limos pulling up gave the whole street an air of elegance.

Continuing on our way we walked through Times Square past several theaters, 

the moving stock quotes board, 

and into the heart of neon lights!

This was my absolute favourite,  painted on the side of a tall building!!


  1. That Vancouver mural is so cool! Great photos!

  2. I love the architecture in the cathedral. Reminds me of Italy.